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Welcome to the Maple Grove Ministries Website.

We are still having Bible Study tonight (1/25).  Drive careful and if you can't make it, we'll find a way to let you listen to the CDs.

Who We Are:
We are a Non-Denominational Christian Church located in Brecknock Township in Southern Berks County who are striving for Authentic Christianity.  We are a part of the Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship Network of Churches.  We exist for one key point people toward Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.  See the "About Us" page for our Statement of Beliefs.
Service Information:
Sunday Morning Services 10:00 AM
Thursday Evening Bible Study 7:00 PM
Sermon Notes By Date
1-20-13 A disciple.pptx (PPTX — 88 KB)
9-9-12 Train them up.pptx (PPTX — 47 KB)
7-7-12 Free to be free.pptx (PPTX — 138 KB)
Last 7 things.pptx (PPTX — 182 KB)
8-21-11 Quality Time.pptx (PPTX — 392 KB)

5-29-11 Time to plant.pptx (PPTX — 106 KB)
Biblical Prophesies.docx (DOCX — 43 KB)
4-3-11 Overcoming hurt.pptx (PPTX — 147 KB)
3-6-11 Move Me!.pptx (PPTX — 249 KB)
7-4-10 El Elyon.pptx (PPTX — 168 KB)
1-17-10 Psalm 15.pptx (PPTX — 217 KB)
1-3-10 God's New.pptx (PPTX — 5 MB)
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